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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Racial Phenotypes, an Icelandic football player, and weird chatbox messages+ random mentions of neonazism throughout

y do ppl think i am a neonazi? i'm not a neonazi. 

Okay hi fam. It's gr8 to see that I have some more followers to replace that one guy who unfollowed me *cries*. Two of my friends have also been generously spamming me with comments (they know who they are). What lovely people. I'm blessed. Depending on their moods, you may even have the pleasure of reading guest posts by them soon! That's right, Frypania hasn't had a guest post since I got my first book published 3 years ago. 

Anyway, you may have noticed how this blog keeps on getting increasingly degener8 by the post. Hopefully the two charming guestposters will save all my followers from ripping out their eyeballs at the content of this blog. Now, I do have a few things to cover in this post. First I want to showcase some comments that Frypania has collected over the years. I'm really chill when it comes to moder8ing this blog. I approve even the meanest, rudest, strangest, of all comments. I even approve the ones that deeply conflict with my personal ideology, as you shall see. So lets get started! 

Hater comments and chatbox spam: 
First I'll show you the one which offended me most, as I am extremely anti-American. This random person dared to spam me with the lyrics of "stars and stripes forever" and "star spangled banner":

Tip: click the image to see a larger version

And they didn't stop:

Until I finally replied:

Look at what a generous and sophisticated chatbox admin I am, treating my enemy with the utmost respect. I kept the lyrics, for although murica sucks, their patriotic hymns do make nice-sounding mixtapes. I'll admit that. National anthems are so fun to listen to. You guys should listen to the German one. That one is really good. Just don't sing the first verse of it or people will think that you are a neonazi. That's what happened to me. 

It's "einigkeit und recht und freiheit" fam, not "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles". If you want to see a real German person talk about how to properly sing the German anthem without being mistaken for a nAtiOnaLsOciALisTTt  plz watch this video. Actually I will embed it too for you lazy scrubs who can't click a link. It's actually really important, even if you don't care about Germany, just give it a watch. And while you're at it, subscribe to Get Germanized on youtube:

"But what if I want to look like a neonazi?" you may ask, well then, go right ahead. Don't blame me if u get arrested though. Also, it is perfectly acceptable to do the nazi salute in public, as long as you say "ave caesar!" instead of "heil hitler", because then it becomes the Roman salute! Isn't that cool? 

Germania has zero chill. Does that surprise you, Romans?

But I digress. Here is another chatbox message that may be of interest to you if you like Aztecs and memes, like I do. I don't find the following offensive in any way. In fact, I'm kinda flattered that a Mexican person wrote such a nice comment for me. He is now a good internet friend of mine. The reply that my IRL friend Aria gave was so funny though:

Now it is time for the h8er comments. This one offended me so much that I almost cried:

This one was also very strange:

WHAT R U GOING TO DO NOW, M8? SUE ME?!?!?! COME AT ME BRuh. And I'm not even fascin8ed with alien beings anymore. That was like... me 5 years ago when I was obsessed with the Animorphs series. Ancient history is still my life though. Anyway, I won't pick on her too much because she likes Native American culture and I don't think I should pick on someone who has the same interests as me as their is a shortage of people like that IRL. 

Now I want to go on to a new topic. So I usually hate sports, right? Unless if it was the ancient Mexican ballgame ullamaliztli/pok a tok and lacrosse. Badminton is chill too. I had watching sports more than playing them. I never even watch the olympics because to me they seem like a waste of time... sorry for seeming so boring but yeah... I just don't like sports. I did watch a bit of the 2010 fifa world cup which was held in South Africa though. But spain won it. eew. gross. ever since then I've hated watching major sporting events. This year is different though. I have been watching Euro 2016 football championship... for the chance to see cool flags and hear anthems played and because some of the players are hot (I'm very sorry, I just had to say that.) By "some of the players" I think you may have realized that, yes, I mean one guy in particular. Most football players have really ugly short hair which is gross... but this one Icelandic guy, Birkir Bjarnason (omg what a beautiful Icelandic traditional name) has long hair. In fact in his home country people have nicknamed him "Thor" because he has long, blond hair and looks like Chris Hemsworth. Yes I know the Marvel Thor doesn't look anything like the red headed bearded god from Norse mythology, but whatever, he still looks good. I admire Iceland a lot, more than any other European country... not only because I am super fascin8ed by (are you getting annoyed with the 8s? I'm so sorry. I'll stop. In fact I should stop because "88" is such a nazi number and I am trying my hardest to stop appearing to be a neonazi. 88 means heil hitler because H is the 8th letter of the alphabet so 88 is like HH and yeah) Norse/Viking culture, history and mythology as well as the Old Norse language, but because I feel like Iceland preserves its heritage waayyy better than any Nordic country. I mean, look how Iceland's national football team members all have cool traditional Viking-sounding names. It gives me the feels. One of them is even named Ragnar Sigurdson. I was sooo amused to find out that because I actually have a Viking character in a story I wrote with the same name! :D I know a LOT of countries preserve traditional names though, but Iceland does other things as well to preserve its culture and language. It avoids using loan words from other languages. Icelandic music is also soooo beautiful. I often post it on this blog. Here's the newest Icelandic song I found: Ólafur Liljurós . I'll embed it below too, in case you don't want to go to Youtube:

Listen very carefully to their voices. It's quite beautiful. Someone posted an English translation in the comments. You don't really need the translation to enjoy it though. Just appreciate it for how it sounds (OH LOOK I DIDN'T SAY APPRECI8). :DDD. 

Also, here is a link to the cool Icelandic football player's instagram account. Please follow him. JUST DO IT. PLZ FAM PLZ. LOOOOK AT HIS HAIR.  BUT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAAAAAAAAAIT, he also has a Twitter account! AnD DO You KNOW WhaT His TWittER userName is?!?!?!?!?!?! @BBJARNASON8. 8 8 888 8 8888!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@R*U@$*FJCKANCNSW Why am I freaking out about the fact that there is an 8? 

Oh, because 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Yeah. That's totally why.

Now it is time for the last and best part of the blog post, racial phenotypes! coool!! The reason why I saved them for last was to ensure that you would read all the BS that has been this post so far. The following is extremely scientific and cool, unlike nazis. OOOOH BURRRN. See if you can identify what phenotype you fit into. People are usually more than one. There are few surprising classifications here. For example, south Indians and Sri Lankans are grouped with Australian aborigines. Isn't that cool? Native Americans are grouped with East Asians. I have many Native American internet friends who would be pissed by that.

Tip: You can click on any of these charts for a full screen version. Sadly, I do not have much information on how these things were generated. I think they were made by feeding in many different faces of the same phenotype to result in one image. What I am most interested in knowing is, HOW WERE THEY NAMED? But it seems that they were named by place of origin.

Apparently I am a mix of "north indid" and "proto-arabid":

So which phenotype(s) are you? How accurate do you think this classification is? Let me know in the comments!


  1. My lineage is 45% European (England, Scotland, Wales, Spain,Portugal) and 45% West African (Camaroon/Congo and Ghana), also 6% Native American, 2% Caucasus and 2% West Asia. I'm not sure which category of these I would fit under but I find it quite educational as I always wondered what racial group people from Iraqi/Iranian were as I knew it wasn't black, just goes to show that I was never taught any of this in school, i'm an american, too, go figure, but thank you

    1. Hello Abundantlyblessed ^_^ that sounds like a cool ancestry. Thanks for the comment.


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