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"For as long as the world shall endure, the honor and the glory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan must never be forgotten."
~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin


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I have no life. 

Last updated: January 2017 (middle of 10th grade)

Hopefully this will help you understand some of the blog posts better. I upd8 this once a year with new terminology and remove the slang that is no longer in use. Inspired by Urban Dictionary.
unalphabetized dictionary:
This dictionary is sorted by putting words in this order:
People and places
 Annoying adjectives
 Catch phrases 



Kow= Cat 

Cat= 'cow' 

kow fased eagull= because a glue friend says that the Chinese word for 'owl' literally translates to 'cat headed eagle' in english. 'cat headed eagle' is 'kow fased eagull' in Frypanese. 

Owl= a very destructive, evil, but cute creature. Nickname for Gwaebee.

urnicurn= "unicorn"

eagull= eagle 

shaved owl = a featherless owl. a hideous creature. the stuff of nightmares.

people and places

Murica= a really annoying place called USA by most people.

Kanata= An Iroquois word meaning 'settlement' or 'village' which is the root for the name of 'Canada'. How on earth did Kanata become Canada and change its meaning from 'settlement' to the name of a country?! ask the european invaders. Frypan only uses this because Kanata sounds better than Canada and because Iroquois people are amazing. 

heaven = Tenochtitlan basically. 

looee= anything related to China. 

Loo= a person from China (I think this is racist slang. don't say it.)

Glue= same as loo

Liuminatry= 'illuminati'  

Murican= American. As in, person from the united states of America. Gross.

Wad= a European person with blue hair and blond eyes  yes, you read that right.

Example: The Germanic wad fought in the battle of Teutoburg against Rome and was a great admirer of Arminius. 

kownibal= cannibal 

Senpai= In Japanese it is used to refer to someone of an upper class. I use this word to refer to people who are older than me who I look up to. Most of my internet friends are Senpais. 

Nayzee= a nazi. if you call a nazi a nayzee they will probably be offended, but they will be offended if you call them a nazi too. "UM IT'S ACTUALLY NATIONAL SOCIALIST, YOU FILTHY DEGENER8" they might say. But who cares about the feelings of those wads? 

Fox= a Serbian nationalist 
Example: A fox shot the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Lets all start WWI now. 


cheez= cheese

fase= basically means 'face'. It's the favorite fewd of the kownibals. 

fewd= food

yaourt= french word for 'yogurt'... sounds like a battle cry if you pronounce it right. 

kitkow= kit kat 

Annoying adjectives 

phat= basically means 'fat'

Mexicalicious= anything related to the Mexica (Aztecs). Also means extremely cool/godly. 

Catch phrases

Khhhh= Annoying catch phrase, simply. 

= the more annoying version of 'Khhhh'. 

urmigurd= "oh my god" 

zomg= 'omg'

dehydration= dehydration. for some reason it's a very annoying catchphrase now....

GWOWL GWOWL QUACK QUACK= stuff a duck into a growling owl and this is the annoying catch phrase that you will hear. 

get rekt = an MLG phrase. Used to indicate that something will die, mess up, fail, etc. Example: White supremacy will get rekt. 

Kapitulieren! = "Surrender" or "capitulate" in German.

BANZAI!= a Japanese war cry meaning "10,000 years of long life". 


burlurnz= "Balloons" 

plz= "please" 

Axayac amoxtli/ fase book = facebook

NaNovember= November. Refers to the writing contest "nanowrimo" which takes place annually every November. Go to nanowrimo.org for more info. 

Inktober= October. Refers to the daily drawing challenge that some people do on social media during that month. Go to mrjakeparker.com/inktober for more information and art prompts. 

Samhain month= also refers to the month of October. The Celtics knew the holiday of Halloween as "Samhain". 

Yuletide = Christmas 

 Shitpost v. {verb forms: -ed -ing -s} (ʃɪtpóst) 1. To make utterly worthless and inane posts on the internet. n. 2. An utterly worthless text post, image, or video on social media and blogs. Usage: "Everything on Frypania is a shitpost!" 
Etymology/Origin: From Middle English shiten and Old High German skizan (modern German:scheissen) and Latin postis.

aximiwi:  it is the name of an andalite from a book the original is 'Aximilli' but i calls it 'aximiwi'. an andalite is a weird alien from a book series called 'the animorphs' here is how it looks:

That's a copyrighted deviantart image. credit goes to the artist whom I do not know the name of.


  1. Hi Freya,
    you should know that I've been using the copywritten company name of FreyPan Productions since the 1990s, and your title is super-close to mine. I also associate with Freya, and was born on her day, FreyDay (12/12, which is Guadalope Day). I too am fascinated with ancient history and alien beings, being a hybrid myself. Since your site has interesting posts that are related to my studies, I'm letting this breach of title use slide for the time being. I created my own frying pan symbol for my company back in the 90s as well, you are using a very similar icon. This could be considered theft. But I like your site thus far. Please contact me at RebeccaMooreFrey01@gmail.com, and check out some of my work on www.FreyPan.blogspot.com or link to my name on YouTube. Frey means free and friend, by the way.

    1. Hello there. It's always nice to meet someone else who likes ancient history. Freya was a Norse Goddess, but it also means beloved in Persian. Nothing on this website is copyrighted. I hope you hold nothing against me. I would be happy to link to your site if that would make you happy.


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