"For as long as the world shall endure, the honor and the glory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan must never be forgotten."

~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin

Black and Red Ink

Here are some links to my novels, short stories and poetry. Most of this stuff was written at 3 AM. Links will lead to either Google Drive, my Deviantart profile, or older blog posts. For Kindle editions of the novels, visit the shop page. Although you can always just read them on this page for free.


The Turtle Island Explorer Two modern-day American communists decide to time travel to compare their ideas to that of pre-contact Native American societies using a time machine known as The Turtle Island Explorer. 

The Dehydrated Diaries In what is technically a novella not a novel, a teenage girl with the ability to revive the dead. which is strange enough already, finds out that dehydration can somehow help her understand ancient civilizations in a way she never thought to be possible. 

Ome-Cuauhtli of Anahuac In a dystopian world far off into the future, one man leads an uprising of Native American people and ushers a renaissance of Aztec and Mayan culture.

Misplaced A young girl finds that she isn't content with her current time period and meets a wizard who promises to cast a spell that will help her time travel, but first she has to help him stop the end of the world. 

Swan Song Cultures from every continent unite against a common enemy in this fast-paced dystopian novel. 

The Snarling Tiger A tribute to my culture and the many diverse people of the Indian subcontinent 

Deus Ex Mexicana (coming soon): The sequel to Swan Song which explains how indigenous people rebuild their society after the war at the end of the first novel. They are lead by a charismatic Mexican leader named Ce Tepuzmachiyopilcac.  This novel will also contain an intentional deus ex machina ending and other deliberate writing flaws as it is told from the point of view of a struggling author in the new society. 

Short Stories 

An Author in Antarctica A self-reflection on my own flaws when it comes to writing, using two Antarctic explorers as a vessel for my thoughts. 

The Last Phet A sci-fi about a fictional alien race called the Phets, whose native planet is colonized by invaders. 


The Nomad's Walkabout Inspired by Australian aboriginal rites of passage 

Your Hands A very short love poem which focuses on just one of his many aesthetically pleasing features

Ick An experiment with onomatopoeia inspired by my car sickness 

Commit these Words to the Flames A ballad to my own self-hatred

Warrior Motivational piece for Native American activists

Roots A sonnet on serfdom 

Cold Set in Antarctica, Patagonia, or some other super cold place. Very good general representation of my style as it is sprinkled with allusions.

These are not my people Being seen as a foreigner when you return to your own homeland after many years away

Goddess of Wisdom On an ex-friend of mine who was treacherous but still wise and beautiful 

The World Spirit Inspired by Hegel's views on the philosophy of history.

Memories of you I couldn't get over the friendzone so I wrote this.

Oath to Humanity A poem against patriotism which supports the unity of the human race 

Humanity vs. Time My shortest poem and also one of my most popular, with 80 favourites on DeviantArt.

River A philosophical spoken word poem that likens imagery of a river to human nature 


Your Inner Nomad A somewhat scientific article I wrote for the Spyglass magazine about a gene which causes intense wanderlust, common in people from migratory cultures.


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