Hallusionation / Nightmare creator

I don't even know if I spelled the title of this post right but when I first learned about Hallusionation, I began to Hallusanate myself. I Hallusanated that my cat was talking, and she said the 'Andalites' were stealing 'Keewamellion'. Let me explain that, an andalite is a charecter from a book I read that I am obsessed with, it looks like this:
(they are supposed to be aliens)
And Keewamellion is the nickname I gave to this random boy I know.

Misha is one of my friends (whom I call meowsha (after this page:http://www.karawynn.net/mishacat/toilet.html) LOL. Meowsha told me not to share that link, but he doesn't get MADDYMOWED easily. (okay, I use a TON of made up terminology that only my friends understand, so I guess I'll have to make a dictionary soon X-DDD)
He made a nigtmare workshop to scare me. Because I had a dream about white triangles emerging from a window and slicing people during the morning rush-hour. @ the end of the dream my mom pointed at a shadow on the wall, "see that shadow?" she asked. "yes" I said. "that is the white triangle" then it slashed the 'dream screen' and I woke up. Meowsha is now planning to scare me really badly with the triangles.


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