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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pet Lovers- blog updates!!

Who here LOVES pets?
Come on, spill it! I know a ton of you love pets and petlovers-blog.blogspot.com is the blog for you! Its a blog run by my friend, Jonatweet. It's really cool!! Check out our new post about cat evolution, its something so hot that you don't want to miss it!!

Plus take a look at the Say Woof! program. The program is about dogs, it educates people about these awesome animals! The Say Woof! Program also runs DogstarRock. Here is there official Youtube.com video:

Pretty Cool? You know whats cooler? Freya the Frypan now is advertising pet websites here for every deserving website! Soon you will find a whole page (VERY COOL) about all the great pet websites.

And here is the link to the super cool+ cute Say Woof!!: saywoof.wordpress.com
Don't hesitate to post as many comments or questions as you wish! You can post just about anything dog related in the comments section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And petlovers-blog.blogspot.com? Freya the Frypan was actually asked to support the cool blog!! Thats right!!, And here is what Frypania has done to help petlovers-blog!!!:
  1. Enable the free live chatbox
  2. Add the cute puppy cursor
  3. Post some cute HTML banners
  4. Post a whole thread about cat evolution!!! (With HTML stickers for your blog!!)
  5. Help choose a cat and dog template

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