"For as long as the world shall endure, the honor and the glory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan must never be forgotten."

~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mayan Exhibit! (finally)

 If you look at this weird entry all the way from the frypan archives 2011, http://freyathefrypan.blogspot.ca/2011/12/my-awesome-dream.html You will notice how much I was dying to see the EPIK mayan exhibit at the ROM. Well, I got my wish. Best thing I ever saw @ ROM. But that was on a weekend in march. Probably the last day they were having it and then when I went to school on Monday, we were going on a day trip to the ROM AGAIN!!! I do like the bat cave, (even though its free and I went there THOUSANDS of times) I went there on the field trip too. Well if you guys are going to the ROM for the first time you should really check out their gift shop, there are epik things there that may seem expensive, but are totally worth it because you can't get them anywhere else. I got a notepad with a Mayan themed cover, a book about Yucatan, a EPIK photo album about the Mayan exhibit and I almost got a cool magnet but is was 5$ but that is really expensive for a magnet so I didn't buy it.

This Mayan flyer has the God Knich Ajaw on it. 
I loved the exhibit a lot.

I LOVE OBSIDIAN. The Mayans had obsidian :-D
Look at this pretty obsidian necklace thing.

Here's an unrelated picture of a kow/cat thing that lives with me:

Well at least its one photo.

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