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Monday, November 5, 2012

Updates and stuff....

Arctic hares live all over Northern Canada, Alaska, And Northern Canadian Islands like Baffin Island too.
They have white fur and black tipped ears.

How they behave: To protect themselves from predators they fluff up like a snowball to blend in and camoflauge with the snow.

                 okaay.... u might have found that random....

NOW, let me tell you something. 

I always spell okaay with 2 As cause I'm awesome.
I love learning new things! LOVE IT SO MUCH. Who doesn't??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So now I will tell you more about that cute Arctic hare animal. 
Scientific name:Lepus arcticus
Average weight:3 to 7 kg
Average height:50 to 70 cm
Avergare life span: 5 years
Conservation status: Least concerned
Order: Lagomorpha

Now I'll teach you an easy way to remember the levels of classification. 

Just read the sentence below:

King Phillip could only find green socks.

Now, Take each first letter of each word. 

K, P, C, O, F, G, S


each letter stands for a different level.

K = Kingdom
P= Phylum
C= Class
O= Order
F= Family
G= Genes
S= Species

isn't that cool?!?!

Now I'll share with you, (like I always do!) The website of the week.

It's called 'Native languages'


Here is an update of what they are doing this year on their site. It's the most recent update:
June 15, 2012: We have chosen five projects to fund for our 2012 Spring Language Preservation Grants. They include a Chinook Jargon language project from the Cowlitz tribe, a Yup'ik language spelling bee, a project to create Lakota language classroom materials, and two small grants to assist in a Seneca web application and purchase Nooksack language materials. We hope to be able to provide additional funding for some of the other excellent proposals we have received later this year. Congratulations to all the people involved in these five projects! 

Sounds good, right?

So go on the Frypania website of the week: http://www.native-languages.org/


Next, on this post, I will select a random article from this blog for you to reread (if u want.)
This is the blog^

this is weird.... because some of my teachers from my school are using the Frypania chatbox O_O

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