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Monday, October 14, 2013

We-day 2013

                        We-day 2013

Finally, I have time to tell y'all about Toronto's We day 2013, a very special event organized by free the children. 

This truly was a life changing experience, we got to see the Kenyan boys choir, Molly Burkes, and other awesome people. I explained we-day a little bit more in this post

Ok, so here's what  the me-to-we leadership team of Crosby heights public school (that includes me) did @ Air Canada Center.... 

Firstly we had a photo shoot right outside the building. That was fun ^_^ everyone held one letter up that was part of the phrase 'be the change'.... I was the 'h' in the 'the'. A bunch of people took pictures of us. We were really excited.

When we finally went inside, we were BLOWN AWAY by the noise of all the people there. Later, we learned that over 20,000 people from schools all over Ontario were there!! That was more than I estimated before we saw the crowd. These 20,000 people were people who wanted to make a change in the world for better education, healthcare, anti-bullying etc.

And then.... the speakers started coming on the stage. That was awesome. There was the premier of Ontario, and there was a little girl with her named Sydney who wanted to be prime minister of Canada. You all should vote for Sydney when she grows up!!!!

Molly Burke was there too. Molly Burke was visually impaired. Her vision narrowed from when she was 5 and completely went blind when she was 14. Its so sad :( for her, it would probably have been worse than being blind all your life because if you were blind all your life you would never know what its like to see anyway. But Molly Burke did. When she was little everyone would tease her and call her 'blind girl'. It was awful.
One day, the people who she thought were her friends invited her to a party. They said the party was for her and that they would do her hair and make up and do all sorts of fun things together. Molly was so happy when her friends put Mousse in her hair.
Sadly, she knew something was wrong and even though she was blind, she knew when a camera flashed in her face. It turned out her friends had actually wrote ugly words on her face with marker and had put whip cream in her hair. Soon, it was all over Facebook and Myspace and Twitter.
The 'Blind girl' was being laughed at all over her school.
Molly told us this sad story and why she was against bullying.

Everyone cheered to show that they cared about Molly's cause.

Oh, and we were told about what free the children was doing in Kenya for better education there. The Kenyan boys choir performed.

And Masaii bracelets were sold there.

There were a lot of other people there too, sadly I don't remember everyone's name.... but that doesn't mean I forgot what they all stood for.

There was Spencer West, he told us to redefine possible. Spencer lost his legs and didn't even get fake ones. He didn't use a wheelchair either.
When he came onto the stage, we were all awestruck.

And he actually climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!!!!!!!!!! WOW.

ok..... those were my favorite things at we-day!!

Other stuff: 

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