A fruit that you should all eat

Introducing: the WOB!!!!

Ok, ok, I know what y'all are thinking.

Isn't that just a dragon fruit?!

The answer is:

NOOO!!!!!!!! >:( 

The wob is the original name for the dragon fruit. You know why?! because 'dragon fruits' are indigenous to Mexico and the wob is what the Mayans called it. It spanish it's called the pithaya. Many people believe that wobs are from China, but they are Mexican.

There's a reference to wobs in my book (Misplaced by Freya Abbas) which you can buy here. (Although I'd prefer you don't because it sucks. Just saying.)

Anyway, wobs are one of the healthiest things you can eat. Did you know that the ancient Mayans were one of the healthiest people in the world?! well..... before the europeans came at least. That's because they ate healthy things like wobs.

So you should eat wobs!!

Ok, that's all. Sorry for the extremely short post.


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