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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More updates from my life

yesterday, the school slam poetry team that im on went to the semi-finals. we competed against 5 schools and came 2nd place, not too bad. the school that beat us was called Wendat villiage..... such a beautiful name for a school ;D. the top two schools go to the finals, so we are going. i have a long time to think about my final poem. i really want my school to win obviously but for the poetry not for the school. the school still annoys me.

the organizer was Dwayne Morgan. google him. he spoke at our school for the African heritage month, introduced slam poetry to Kanata, and is passionate about many important tings such as womens righs or should i say...... gender equality, keeping in mind that men are equal too (jajajaja....)

sorry for the run on sentences, grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. im using a tablet to write tis.

lastly, id like to share an amazing video. my lovely friend showed tis to me. i know that many awesome people like the Mexica movement know tat disney is racist, that disney princesses are a bad influence for young girls who feel forced to be 'pretty'. that is ugly!! i know some people feel as though their child hood is a lie becauze of this but enjoy disney princess song parodies anyway:

(and skip to the end if you wish for Pocahontas, who was a twelve year old raped by john smith dont forget)

just search up 'after ever after' on youtube. im sorry.... am not good with tablets so i cant embed or link right now.

well guess what?! I'm editing this from a computer. too hard to go back and fix mistakes but I can embed the video ^_^ : 

skip to the end if you only want the Pocahontas one although I suggest you watch them all. It's quite funny ^_^ : 

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