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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Look

Frypania has a new look!!

"Frypan, I think you added too much stuff to your blog and now its too hard to read,"
~ Mars Roverr (Misha)

"I saw your blog and it killed my eyes."
~ Zachary 

"Your blog does not look very modern."
~ Joey 

Well, as y'all can see from the feedback above, people said the blog looked really messed up and that it needed to be fixed. 

Yes, Misha, you are right. The blog was very crowded. I fixed that.... hopefully... with the new layout I deleted the annoying tag cloud and gave it two columns so that everything fits better. I hope that helps!!

And Zachary, I'm soooo sorry that it killed your eyes D: I made the colors less flashy I hope that helps.   these hearts are for you 

As for you, Joey, you should know that i hate moderness and that moderness sucks so i still refuse to make it look modern. 

Thank you very much for all your feedback!!

So what does the new Frypania have?! 

Well, ok, I added a new layout, new look, new colors and some new features. However I still have the old chatbox, the old background, and the old craziness and general mess that no one likes. 

Let me just take some time to explain the new features and to explain what spring cleaning has been taking place. 

More links

If you look at the link list (which is on the right side of this blog just below the chatbox and above the ancient archives) you will notice that there a lot more links than before. This is because I really want you to stalk each and every one of those websites. They are very interesting and I'm sure you'll like them. 

Store Page 

If you look at the pages and tabs just below the blog banner at the top, you should notice that there is a store page. This is for promoting and selling the book I wrote a year ago. I hope I can get my ideas read. 

New Color scheme 

The new color scheme is pretty noticeable I guess.... my favorite colors and green and orange.... thought i'd use those. 

New layout

Not many new widgets but the layout is a bit different. On both sides of the main blog there are two sidebars filled with content. 

No tag cloud

Took away the tag cloud.... I kind of have too many tags and not enough space for even a selected few to be displayed. 

Ok that's it!! Be sure to leave a comment telling me what you think of the new look. 

~ Frypan  

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