Happy Yule & Vetrarblot?

Oh Gods, what's with me and European pagan holidays like Samhuin and Yule and Vetrarblot these days? Oh Gods, did I just say 'oh Gods' ? Yes?! Ok. 

Well, it is finally VETRAR BREAK (winter break?) and I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know what I'll be up to these days. 

Wait a second.... I should be saying:

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That's more inclusive!!

My family doesn't really celebrate anything at this time of the year though. But of course I do give my friends gifts, and they give me gifts back. My class had a secret sinterklaas (the Dutch name for santa claus). 

Here's what my sinterklaas gave me: 

It came without the cat though. That's Mictlan. She just wanted to sniff the pretty Mayan pyramid model. 

ZOMG ISN'T IT AWESOME?!?!??!?! The two packs of 90% dark chocolate also make me sooooo happy. 

So what'll I be doing over these 14 days of bitter cold, lonely, awesomeness? 

I'll be reading this year's Red Maple book award nominees. So far, I've only read one (the strange gift of Gwendolyn Golden) and I can tell you, it was TERRIBLE. Sometimes I don't understand why certain books get chosen for the red maple award.

For those of you who are not familiar, the red maple book award is one of the most awesome awards that could possibly be given to a Canadian author. Nominations are chosen by judges who read hundreds of Canadian books. The final award is given to a book voted for by us, the students. Last year I was addicted to a series called 'the blackwell pages'. It was about Norse mythology. I read Loki's wolves (the first book in the series which was nominated for Red maple) and Odin's Ravens. The last book is Thor's serpents which will be released in 2015 and I will find it, read it, and stalk it. The Red Maple award went to a different book though so the blackwell pages didn't win. 

Anyway, this year they have split it up into two different categories.... fiction & nonfiction. Last year, they only had fiction books, which is kinda sad. So that means this year is extra exciting because it'll have not one but TWO winners. I plan on reading all 20 nominated titles over the break so that I can vote in both categories. 

I just thought I'd let you know about my plans for the break. 

Also, Jonathan is trying to 'purify' me ever since my curiosity (and George's book recommendations) led me to reading the Satanic bible. So now I'm going to finish reading the..... um..... please don't cringe..... holy Bible. 

Also, I have some writing to do. I'll post my final version of the 'Dehydrated Diaries' story here if I don't abandon the terrible plot line. Misha, Nikhil, and Gwaebee all want to help me edit it. I don't even know if I'll finish, that story is terrible. 

I am also working on 'Interlaced', the sequel to my book as well as a ton of art. I'll post the art on my Deviantart account, go watch Aztecatl13 on Deviantart!

Pardon me if most of the images are blocked.



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