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Friday, January 9, 2015

Herr Mannelig

This is a very, very old Swedish song about a mountain troll who wants to marry a knight named Mannelig but then gets REJECTED. It's not from the Viking age though.... I think it's medieval. I don't even know. I just thought this was interesting so I posted it.... Lol. 

The language is not modern Swedish, it's OLDER Swedish X-D  I don't know much about this song though, but you should listen to it. It's good. The singer has a nice voice and this video has the english translation on screen for us noobs who 'can't Swedish'. 

Plus, it tells a story..... a good one. In the Icelandic version of the story, the troll stabs the knight after he rejects her. The Swedish version doesn't have any stabbing though, the troll just leaves in this song. 

Ok, bye. 


  1. You...like...write, like...a 12 year old. L..o..l

  2. I was 14 when I wrote this but I don't think my writing style has changed in years.


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