I'm Blind And That Makes Me Sad (#clickbait)


I will attempt to make this post interesting, but now that 'Aspen' has posted her post, mine is just gonna suck in comparison. Oh well. I think I'll just complain about stuff. In particular, about how I can't mentally visualize things.

Okay, so you know how books and media and school always tell you to visualize stuff as a kid? Like when you're reading, they tell you to picture the events happening in your mind. As a kid, I always tried to do this, but it never really worked. When I try to picture things, I don't really see anything... it's hard to describe, but my mind is sort of blank/just black. When I think of an object (say, a car), I sort of think about it's qualities and what it would look like, but I can't see anything. I know what it is, I know what it looks like, I just can't see it. It doesn't appear in my mind as a clear, fully formed image. But apparently, most people visualize things like this. I.e. Freya. Supposedly she can actually see the things right in front of her, like a hallucination. And the same goes for dreams, except Freya tells me it's even more detailed. To the point where you're not sure if it's reality or a dream, and all your senses are active and working, and it's like you're there, fully experiencing everything. When I dream, I don't really dream. It's more like when I wake up, a memory of a story/experience is in my mind, but I can never manage to see it happen in real time.

So when I heard other people have those sort of visualization capabilities, I was sort of... mind-blown, to put it lightly. Like, for them this is all normal. Probably for you, the reader right now, this is a normal thing. So now I feel like I've been visually handicapped my entire life. Kinda like how a colorblind person would probably feel towards people with normal colour vision. I really, REALLY wish I could be able to have a more detailed visual mind. I literally feel like a blind person. Okay, so it's not that bad. But when I do think about it, I feel like I'm that unlucky 1% (2% at most apparently) that was born somehow without being able to see images in my brain.

I tried Googling for more information on this subject, but couldn't find much. What I did find is that it's called Aphantasia. I really wish there was more info... I guess the phenomenon in itself is kinda hard to describe. It's super frustrating, especially since I love to read, and also consider myself reasonably imaginative and a visual thinker. It really sucks. Try reading up on it more yourself. Hopefully it makes you realize how being mind-blind sucks and then you'll all feel bad for me. That's basically my goal here.

Anyways. Freya's mind must be awesome to experience... just like her blog! :D Okay, that was bad. But guys, check out my blog too! It sucks right now, and only has 2 posts, but give it a chance! I mean, at least I won't spam you with posts or anything. ...I've convinced you, haven't I? Oh, you want to know the address? Well, if you insist! It's called A Lonely Potato. And yes, I am the potato. But as a newbie at blogging, I literally have like 4 views. So even a single click on that link will help me feel prouder of myself. C'mon, you're not that lazy, are you? And if you follow me, I'll, like, love you. Plez. Plez help me I'm poor.

And on that note, ADIOS.


  1. Wow! Kudos on the well-written post! This is the best article I've ever read in my life. What a suspenseful, witty, and emotional masterpiece. Vicky, I hope to see more posts like this from you in the future. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. :) I like you blog too, by the way. That's exactly the kind of blog I want mine to be like. You're an inspiration!

  2. I'm proud of both you and "Aspen". Someday you both will be awesome cool bloggers like me :D .


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