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Wednesday, June 22, 2016



I'm sure you have all heard of the new Broadway hit sensation: "Hamilton" and if you haven't, you do now. This musical has been getting a lot of media coverage and it's simply the best. It's pretty much the story of Alexander Hamilton with a catchy hip-hop twist to it and it's awesome. (Plus it's kind of fitting to this history blog, and I havent really been posting much history stuff.) I came across it a few months back and I'm still listening to the songs on loop. I've seen a few videos, and the dancing is fantastic, the music is beautiful, and the plot is apparently very accurate. But don't get me wrong, you'll have to consult Freya to see exactly how true it is to American history. Anyways, I absolutely love it, and that's coming from someone who is extremely picky about music (usually 15 songs per month in the 'favourites' playlist) and hates rap music. But Hamilton is an exception. The lyrics are genius; hardcore rhyming and heartfelt word combos, almost like modern-day Shakespere. Okay maybe I won't go that far, but still- it's awesome, and might I add, extremely inspiring. Unlike typical hip-hop, the singers in Hamilton are actually very talented. If you take a look at some video clips and listen to the songs, it's obvious why the musical has won eleven Tony awards. Note to Freya: The main character has long hair, have fun with that.

 Allow me give you some samples (sorry about the Spotify link, my Youtube is not working) Warning: There are spoilers but come on, it's history:

The song that has beautiful overlaping parts- Farmer Refuted

Who needs inspiring quotes when you can have an entire song? -Alexander Hamilton (first song in Act 1 scene 1)

Kind of sums up Hamilton, also really really catchy- Non-Stop

Fun to sing- Aaron Burr, Sir

Just plain epic- Stay Alive

My emmooottiionnns *clutches chest*- Stay Alive (The Sad Reprise) This one almost made my cold dead heart cry. Almost.


  1. OH RIGHT that! We saw a clip of that in Music class, and I was planning to watch it but then I forgot. ._. I should do that today.

  2. awesome! Thanks for the song links. It's great to see a guestpost about history :D


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