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~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Black Hand Fox Webcomic attempt #2

Forgive me, please. I know it's really dumb. For those of you who don't get it, the strategy that the Allies, in particular, the Canadians, used to seize Ortona in Sicily was called "mouseholding". It's supposed to be funny because in the webcomic, a mouse says it. Not laughing? It's okay. I know I suck. It's not even sticking to the original theme of the webcomic, which was supposed to be WW1 not WW2.  

The drawing program is excellent, no installations were necessary. You should really check it out: https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ 

It is almost as good as DeviantArt Muro! Okay but DA muro will always be the best just because it is made by DeviantArt. 

So what else is new? Well, I got into Spyglass, which is like a magazine/newspaper/news website thing at my school. I'm probably going to be writing an article about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. I also really want to make a magazine quiz called "what ancient civilization are you?" which will be like one of those really lame Buzzfeed quizzes like "which flavor of potato chip are you?" but better because it will be about ancient civilizations not potato chips. 

That reminds me of this poll that one of my DeviantArt friends made: 

What do you think of when someone says potatoes? chips, food, Incas, Ireland, "whats wrong with this question" or "no"? 

Here is the DA page of the person: http://bigsleeves-arts.deviantart.com/ 

Other Random Things

Is this font legible, BTW? I hope it is. I know my blog uses colors and fonts that can be eye-raping at times. 

Okay so, do you guys know what MONTH it is? That's right everyone, it's: 

Every writer's favourite month is N A N O V E M B E R. Let me explain, every November, there is a a writing contest called "NaNoWriMo". They have a cool crest with a stereotypical historically inaccurate triggering Viking helmet! See?! :

Visit nanowrimo.org to learn more

The rules are that you have to write a minimum of 50,000 words within the month of November. You can upload a cover and write a synopsis and excerpt too. If you get stuck along the way, there is a forum where you can talk to other writers for ideas. If you win you get bragging rights and discounts on a bunch of self publishing and editing softwares.

The last time I entered was in 2013, when I won. Now that I am participating again after 3 years, I feel so nostalgic talking to my old internet friends from 3 years ago including this one girl in the Netherlands who always writes crazily over the minimum 50,000 every year. I think she does like 100,000 words at least or something. The year I won, I wrote 61,000. For reference, 50,000 is around the length of "the Catcher in the Rye". My first published novel, "Misplaced", was 48,000 words. 

So you are probably wondering what my story is about, right? Well, it is currently at 42,000 words and is basically in a futuristic setting where indigenous people are trying to overthrow the government! Beware! And they are basically saving the whole world from a sp00ky tyrant who has come into power. I know that is a very vague plot description. If you have a NaNoWriMo account, you can find me. My username is aztecatl13, and you can read my actual plot synopsis and excerpt. I'm too embarrassed to post it here. 

Also, if you're reading this, chances are you're one of my internet friends or acquaintances and I've used you as a character in my ginormous cast of characters. I have most likely changed your name out of respect for your privacy. Some of my IRL friends such as Vickyish have also been included. Even if you think I hate you, I've probably still used you as a character, probably as a villain or something. For example, a sp00ky white supremacist once added me to a really sketchy Facebook group where a bunch of racists who fancy themselves "theologians" discuss Catholicism. Many of them seem to be homosexuals in denial as well, because they will condemn gay behavior and call Justin Bieber sexy (even though most of them are men) in the same breath. I have used many of their personalities to inspire the villains in my story. That is the only reason why I let white supremacists stick around for some time before I block them. 

Anyway, so when the novel is done I will probably gather up the courage to post the synopsis and everything here and then ask who wants to help proofread the first draft. I'll probably make a public Google Doc and ask my Frypanian fanbase to leave comments on it as they read the unruly manuscript. Perhaps I will illustrate it like I did with my first novel. My art has definitely improved since then, gawd. 

Like seriously. This is something I made in 2012. It is a random Mexican thing: 

Look how much I improved in just 2 years. This was one of my very first acrylic paintings during my nascent Norse mythology obsession phase. There's a Valkyrie:

Now this is my art in 2016. I made this a few days ago. It a random Hetalia-styled Indian thing: 

Please watch me on DeviantArt and I will love you: http://aztecatl13.deviantart.com/ 

PS: I have joined the slam poetry club at my school, so I will probably be posting some poems or something soon. That is all!

PSS: Legend has it that Tlacaelel Quetzalcoatl from the Mexica Movement has changed the layout of his blog! http://americanlatinomusuemisracist.blogspot.ca/ no more "Dynamic Views" ! 

Bye, fam! 

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