Synopsis and Excerpt from “The Turtle Island Explorer”

Here you can check out the synopsis and excerpt of my upcoming novel, The Turtle Island Explorer.

Chief Mikinak Pikawakanagan, the leader of a prestigious Native American rights organization, believes that the key to decolonization and liberation lies in learning from what indigenous societies were like before the arrival of Europeans. After gathering the research of scientists from all over the world, Mikinak manages to perfect a time machine he calls 'the Turtle Island Explorer'. Now two brave volunteers are faced with a frightful assignment: to test out Mikinak's creation. They learn the hard way that the universe punishes those who dare to play with time.
Excerpt from chapter 5
"I have but only praise and wholehearted support for it. Indigenous people have been an inspiration to all oppressed peoples in the world. Your manifesto does a wonder job of addressing the injustices that your people face."
Mikinak felt uncomfortable. Taharka's facial expressions weren't matching his kind words. What was he hiding?
"Very well then. What about the machine?"
Here Taharka paused and bit his lower lip, as if restraining himself from bursting out something disrespectful.
"Forgive me, chief, but I think it is extremely ridiculous and has caused me to lose all the faith I had in your movement. I am very disappointed that you would pursue the creation of such a thing. You don't believe in Christianity, the religion that was forced upon your people, so why would you believe in such an impossible and foolish thing as this?"
"That will be enough" snapped one of Mikinak's followers.
Mikinak turned to his disciple. "No, no, Tecumseh. Let Taharka continue. He has raised a valid concern. The Turtle Island Explorer is indeed a very ambitious invention."
"Your people live in terrible conditions on reservations. They are constantly discriminated against. Their sacred sites are being trespassed on by the American government. Why aren't you addressing these problems? Why are you wasting your time?" Taharka demanded.
"We have fought for the rights of our people, believe me. No one shows up more at protests that we do. No one raises as much money with fundraising efforts."
"My apologies, chief. I didn't mean to say that you don't do anything for them, but this project is just so weird."
"But if it were possible, would you not agree that it would be the key to solving many of the problems of both my people and yours and so many others?"
"Of course, if we want to revert back our communities to how they were hundreds of years before, nothing could be more valuable. Any knowledge of our history before European contact would only help to empower us all."
Before anyone could run to assist the old man, chief Mikinak flew over to the other side of the room with inhuman speed and grabbed the end of the large black cloth that covered the creation.
"Then here is your answer! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Turtle Island Explorer!"
He unveiled the creation and smiled at the huge collective gasp that came from his followers and Taharka.
"Neters! A machine like this can only be a time machine!"
Everyone felt power radiating from the creation and they knew it was true.
"Indeed, and I have sent for a brave man, the regional IPLP chairman of the Eastern Woodlands, to test it out! He shall be here any minute now."
Taharka was stunned with awe. Chief Mikinak was generally very pleased to have an ally like him.
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