"For as long as the world shall endure, the honor and the glory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan must never be forgotten."

~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin



Sunday, February 25, 2018

Andean panflute music is my jam

Check out this dank Peruvian mixtape I found. It's fire. 

I stumbled across it while I was watching a documentary about civilizations in the Americas. It was used in the background and I just had to look for the original song so that I could steal it for my mixtape. Perhaps some of you will be interested in the documentary as well although it wasn't too great... and also it was in French lol but you can probably find it if you searched "Les Indiens d'amerique" or something on Ina.fr

Well that's all for today. Sorry for the short low-quality posts like the meme shitposts. I promise I'll update with good content as soon as I have the time. If you want a sneak peak on what's to come, I'll probably do something about Caral. That's a really lit historical site discovered in the Supe Valley in Peru, and it dates back to c. 2600 BCE  which is super old for something from the Americas. When it was found, it pushed back the history of the Americas by some thousands of years. I won't give away too much about it because I have an interesting hypothesis about it that I want to share in an upcoming post ;D Also I might do something on Moche gold electroplating techniques but that's way less interesting to be honest. I also have a biography post planned out on Nezahualcoyotl of Texcoco, MEXICO'S PHILOSOPHER-KING.

Stay woke fam.

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