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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Book Review: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Book Review: The School for Good and Evil 

As you can see from the rating above, I did not like this book. This review will tell you about the book and why I did not like it. 

 Book title: The school for good and evil by Soman Chainani
Genre: Fantasy

The school for good and evil was a fantasy book about two schools, one for good, and one for evil. Every year the school master who ran both of the schools would kidnap pairs of students from villages all over the world. In every pair there would be an evil child and a good child. In this book, a girl who is very pretty named Sophie really wants to go to the good school because all who graduate it get to live happily ever after with a prince and be a princess. Sophie believed she could be a princess and she wanted her best friend, Agatha, to be in the school for evil. This was because Agatha was ugly and wanted to be a witch. However, when the two girls are kidnapped, Sophie ends up in the school for evil with a bunch of freaks and monsters and Agatha ends up in the school for good with princes, princesses, and fairies. They try to make the school master see that there was some kind of mistake but the school master says that there was no mistake. In the book, Sophie and Agatha eventually saw that they were in the right schools as their true nature got revealed.

My dislike of the book begins from the title and the cover. It gives too much of the story away.  

Next, I would like to say that the plot was stupid. It had no plot holes, but it was a really stupid plot. who wants to know about two stupid girls who go to some fantasy schools to becomes witches or princesses?! 

However, I would like to compliment Soman Chainani on the style of writing and the pace of the story. It was very engaging and the description was amazing. 

My favorite character from the book was Agatha because she was nice and smart unlike Sophie who was such a WAD

Read this book only if you like fantasies. 
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