Top 10 reasons to join Deviantart

Hey everyone who reads my blog!! This blog post is for people who don't have a Deviantart account. You guys should GET ONE. 

Joining Deviantart is free, unless if you want a premium membership.
For those of you who don't know what Deviantart is, it's basically
a website about art. You can see so much art there. Digital art,
traditional art, animations, icons, poetry, photography, basically

And..... it's among the top 10 social websites:

along with facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, pinterest, and instagram



So here it is, top 10 reasons to join Deviantart.

1. It's inspiring   

art is always inspiring, and deviantart has so many categories to explore. It even has a manga category!! No art website is complete without that:

2. There are groups so that you can promote your art to people who are most interested in it 

For example, if you like Hetalia, you can join a group like Hetalia union:


Or if you like Mesoamerican history you can join a group like Mesoamerica Arts:


You can join a group or start one, and post your art in many different categories.

3. You can sell your art for money or Deviantart points 

Create your own prints store where people can buy your art. Of course, no one has ever bought my lame art. Especially this one:

Kowlin of the elves origanal by Aztecatl13 (print image)
It's from Kowland. that website that I spent sooooo much time on.... remember?!
Create your own banner at! It's a cat and a kow.

anyway, you can also do commissions that you can get Deviantart points with. Deviantart points let you buy art online and have it shipped to your house. This can be done all for free depending on how many points you have. Deviantart points also let you buy awards for artists that you like.

4. You can have a really cool organized gallery 

Here's a screenshot from the kowness section of my gallery 

ok so I know my gallery sucks but whatever. 

5. Stalk as many artists as you want by 'watching' them. 

So maybe that sounded really creepy, but here's what it means. You know how on Twitter and Instagram you can 'follow' someone, and on youtube you can 'subscribe' someone, and on google+ you can 'add them to your circles' and on facebook you can 'add them to your interests list'?! Well Deviantart has made it a bit creepier by calling it 'watching someone'. By 'watching' an artist you never miss out on anything they post because it gets sent to you in a Deviantart message. It doesn't spam your e-mail unless you want it to.You can stalk groups this way too. so it's like stalking multiple people at once!!!!

       6. You can write a journal 8-D and read other people's journals and be all stalkerish by commenting every single thing they write. 

You can write a group journal with the help of others if you start a group.

7. Read forums 
Every good social website needs a forum. Read about dozens of different topics and comment on the forum.

8. Chatrooms 
100% safe chatrooms. Don't worry about stalkers unless if I'm online.

9. Play games!!
Well, you have to go to the games category for this and you can play with out an account but you can comment/save the game if you do have an account.

10. Even if you don't make art, joining is still worth it!!

There's something on Deviantart for everyone.

So yes, there you have it, that's why you must join Deviantart!!!!

Well actually I'm only trying to make you join so that I can stalk you on it. 

Have a nice day!!!!


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