"For as long as the world shall endure, the honor and the glory of Mexico-Tenochtitlan must never be forgotten."

~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Going to India on Saturday!!

update from my life

Well? I'm going to India on Saturday. I go there every summer so no surprise there.... but I'm still SO excited :P 

Let me clarify something.... 

Most peoples idea of vacation is doing cool stuff and going to all the tourist attractions and indulging in the local culture and taking lots of pictures and doing fun things.

My idea of vacation is sleeping in & visiting relatives. However, I will be stalking certain historical places. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?!

But I won't tell you exactly where I'm going or exactly what I'll be stalking (yet). 

Instead, I promise to give you an excellent 5-star blog post with photos and information and stuff when I get back. I promise I'll do a better one than last year which was just photos and captions. 

update to the blog 

We now have a new header. People were complaining about the last one like crazy, saying it was too flashy, too cluttered, and too hard to read. 

I enjoy making things cluttered X-D but I love my 9 faithful followers (I am the 10th follower, yes I follow my own blog, please don't judge me) and other frequent readers that I have. Therefore, I have made a simpler version with a title, caption, picture, and tiny Mayan pyramid icons. 


Anyway, I guess people were right about the last one. Despite having awesome photos of Teotihuacan, Machu Picchu, El Castillo, and Haida Gwaii, it was too cluttered.

I would like to improve on the last version with more pretty photos of Teotihuacan, Machu Picchu, El Castillo, and Haida Gwaii (places that I have to visit before I die) but planning a new header will take some time :P 

Bye, folks!! 

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