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~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin

Friday, July 11, 2014


Hello, children!! 

Recently, I've been taking an acrylic painting class and it's helped me to improve my art. As you may know from looking at my facebook albums (facebook.com/freya.xocoyotzin) or online art gallery (aztecatl13.deviantart.com), I have BAD art. I sucked at water colour and pencil. 

So when I started doing acrylic painting, I noticed some improvement in my art. First of all, in acrylic painting, if you make a mistake then you can just paint over it. This is really useful. 

Onto the art

Here is my 3rd attempt at acrylic painting. To be honest I'm quite proud. It turned out almost exactly the way I wanted it. 

I call this 'Valkyrie'. 

click the picture to view a bigger version

Disclaimer: Yes I know the armour on the guy doesn't even look Viking. Believe me, I've tried to make it. 

Ok, so this scene shows a Valkyrie from Norse mythology. The Valkyries were supposed to be beautiful women who rode on horses. I think there is a rule stating all Valkyries need to be blonde.... I'm not even sure. Anyway, I made this one a red-head. Valkyries were shield maidens (they carried shields and weapons such as spears) 'cause they were warrior women. The duty of a Valkyrie was to find the bodies of warriors who died on the battlefield and take them to Valhalla (the glorious afterlife that was reserved for the heroic dead). 

So, this picture shows a warrior about to die. The Valkyrie is just going to stay there and wait for him to die I guess :P she really can't do anything else. 

Valkyries are loyal to Odin (like all the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology). Their original leader was Freyja (FREYJA NOT FREYA OK?!) although some people do spell it Freya.... because the 'j' is silent.... but please do not mix up my name with her. 

ok yeah that's all. 


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