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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book Review: GOG book 1: The Capture by Kathryn Lasky

Series title: Guardians of Ga'Hoole (GOG)

Book Title: The Capture 

Author: Kathryn Lasky 

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction 

I'm still in India and since I haven't done much recently (except for an interview with Hindustan Times and buying four chickens to keep as pets while I'm here), I thought I'd make a somewhat interesting post. My book reviews usually get me some extra views and since I've been reading a lot here I think I should write one. 

 2-star rating 

Time to get to the point. Though I didn't really like the story (the 2 star rating shows that), I would still recommend the series to people who really, really like fantasy (or owlz. I hate owlz.).

The book is about a very young barn owl named Soren who falls out of his tree one day. No one saves him and he can't get back into his tree because he is an owlet and isn't old enough to know how to fly. He is snatched up by a big, evil owl who carries him to St. Aegolius Canyons where there is an academy for owlets. Soren is supposed to get training there to help the evil owlz who run St. Aegolius. Thousands of other captured owlets train there. They have no idea what exactly they are training for. They are forced to call each other by a number instead of a name. Soren is called 12-1. Soon, Soren meets an elf owl named Gylfie. Gylfie and Soren find out that St. Aegolius is trying to brainwash all the owlets with a process called moonblinking. The owlets would all become slaves. The academy is also trying to take over all the owl kingdoms. Gylfie and Soren have to escape the canyons and stop the bad owlz from ruling the world. The two owlets meet lots of other owlz (both evil and good).

My favourite character was Hortense (12-8). I won't say why.... that would give out a major spoiler.

Kathryn Lasky is actually an awesome author. The first book of the GOG series might have sucked but she has actually written many more books. When I first picked up 'The Capture', I thought the author's name sounded familiar. It turned out she had also written 'Jahanara: Princess of princesses' and 'Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor'. Both of these historical fiction books are in the Royal Diaries series, which is a series that attempts to describe the lives of several female historical figures with fiction. 

She has also written a lot of nonfiction and I think I'll read more of her books (I'll post reviews if they're worth posting reviews about). 

Bai. I hope you found this helpful if you were considering reading the GOG series ;D 

Note: I know some of you hate fantasy books D:  I promise I'll do some non-fantasy book reviews. I don't really like fantasy either.

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