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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


artist: Frypan

If the title of this post and the poorly drawn image above completely confused you then you probably have no idea what Çatalhüyük is!!

Well, I will tell you what it is. Right after I confuse you more with another poorly drawn thing that I made when I was in India:

Ok, ok.... now I'll tell you what it is.... 

Çatalhüyük Quick Facts:
Bullet; Red Çatalhüyük was one of the world's oldest towns. It was the second one ever built (the first town was Jericho in Jordan). 
Bullet; Red Çatalhüyük's ruins are located in southern Anatolia, Turkey. 
Bullet; Red This town flourished in 6500 B.C making it older than Mesopotamia, Kemet/Aegyptus, and the Indus valley civilization ;D It's also one of the coolest neolithic sites ever.
Bullet; Red Çatalhüyük's people were successful farmers. They were able to grow wheat and barley and raise cattle. The town also traded obsidian.

As you can see in the fail drawings I made, (or maybe you can't because my drawing skills are just that bad), Çatalhüyük was built in a very interesting way. The houses in Çatalhüyük were rectangular, interconnected buildings with no doors. People entered the houses through holes in the roofs, which were reached by wooden ladders. This was good for safety, as it protected residents from enemies and wild animals. The ladders were simply removed when enemies were nearby to leave no obvious means of entry. The rooftops were like streets.

Also, vultures had a huge significance in this town. The walls were covered in drawings of vultures. It is also said that the people worshipped vultures.... leaving their dead for the vultures to eat and even dressing up as vultures for special occasions. (I have two vulture priests in the first bad drawing at the back BTW).
Yes, they left their dead for vultures to eat and had interesting funerals where priests would dress as vultures and dance. I actually find that awesome. Some modern religions still feed their dead to vultures ;D 

Just imagine these vultures.... eating a human instead of a buffalo carcass....

kay, bai!!

I hope this post makes up for my lame posts that I have done recently D:

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