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Friday, November 21, 2014

Back with the Celtics!! :D

zomg. It's been a long time. Here's a post about the Celtics, because I made a promise to you on Samhain 2014 that I'd update the blog with CELTICS. 

This post is dedicated to the warrior-queen Boudicca. May her name ring throughout the ages!! 

Boudicca (also known as Boudica, Boadicea, Buddug, and Boudicca-Victoria) was the queen of the Iceni people who lived in what is now Norfolk in eastern England. The Iceni were a tribe of the Celtics. Boudicca was born in 30 A.D. She became the queen of the Iceni when she married king Prasutagus. Boudicca also had two daughters. She was one of the best leaders the Iceni ever had. 

During the reign of Prasutagus, the Iceni traded with Rome. They had a treaty with Rome that was established long before to prevent Roman invasion. However, the Celtic warriors were always preparing for battle. They were fully aware about the threat of Roman invasion. Rome had already taken over most of Britannia (England). The Iceni knew that the Romans could break the treaty any time and try to conquer them. When Prasutagus died- the cause of his death was unclear- and Rome thought it would be the perfect chance to go and plunder the Iceni lands. The Romans burnt houses, killed people, stole things, tied queen Boudicca to a pole and whipped her, and humiliated her daughters. They completely broke the treaty and left the Iceni hungry for revenge.

Boudicca wasted no time. She was completely infuriated by what had been done to her as well as her daughters and the rest of her tribe. Boudicca's intention was to completely overthrow the Roman empire. 

Now, in my opinion, Boudicca's plan was doomed to fail from the beginning. A barbaric tribe of Celts is no match for Rome!! But I admire her bravery. 

Honestly though, imagine yourself as a member of a battle-ready Roman legion. You would have an awesome shield-war formation with the best weapons of the age and heavy, steel armor. 

THIS except more intimidating and stretching as far as the eye can see. 

The barbarians should KNEEL to Rome

And then imagine yourself as part of the Celtic 'army' (Lol) 

That's right, they didn't even have SHIRTS to protect them from what the Romans would throw at them. 

They expected blue war paint to protect them instead. 

Actually, they didn't have swords like the one in the above picture. But I had to include that picture because Samhain is one of my favorite holidays and Celtics were awesome for celebrating it. 

Back to queen Boudicca....

When the Romans first plundered the Iceni lands, Boudicca became enraged. She not only wanted to avenge her family and the Iceni people, but wanted to COMPLETELY wipe out Rome. Iceni 'warriors' were mostly children, old men, and women. They were outnumbered by the Roman army anyway. So, Boudicca formed an alliance with a nearby tribe. These people were known as the Trinovantes. 

Boudicca was very persuasive. She convinced the Trinovantes to join the Icenian cause against Rome. She told them they should do their best to ensure that their lands and the Iceni lands don't become part of Britannia, the fast-expanding province of Rome. 

The Burning of Camulodunum (Colchester) & Londonium (London)

 Boudicca  finally had enough warriors on her side to lead an uprising against Rome. In fact, Roman historians claimed that the Roman army was highly outnumbered after the Iceni and Trinovante alliance. Though modern historians know the Romans were probably exaggerating this to make Rome's feat seem more epic- like loyal sons of Rome should do? 

So, Boudicca's first official act of uprising was to go to Camulodunum, which was a Roman settlement in England (the city is now called Colchester) and BURN IT TO THE GROUND WITH FIRE!!!!!!! The Iceni and Trinovante plunderers also stole everything that the Romans there had. When Camulodunum was going up in flames, the Roman civilians who lived there attempted to take refuge in the temple. Guess what Boudicca's warriors did? They destroyed the temple. Classic barbarians. 

Boudicca also burned down Londonium (London) and raided Verulamium (St. Albans). 

She thought she was invincible just because she destroyed three unarmed, unaware, outnumbered, cities. 

Things did not go well and in 61 A.D, queen Boudicca was defeated. It is unknown exactly how she died but her warriors were almost all dead. Some say she herself was killed by the Romans while others claim she drank poison and committed suicide which would be the most honorable thing to do if everyone who was fighting for your cause died. Her two daughters also died. Possibly by drinking poison with their mother. The exact location of her death is unknown. 

Inspirational, right?! 

I admire her because she led an uprising against a leading world power. 

Uprising against a leading world power.

I want to do that :D !!!! 

I'll lead an uprising against THIS country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeWRsEFemcA 
no one likes Murica anyway. 

Rome was still kewl though. 

Ok, byeeeee. 

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