Just finished watching Axis Powers Hetalia!!

That was the best show I have ever watched in my life.... and the funniest too. 

So, Hetalia is an anime (Japanese animation). However, most anime fans consider Hetalia a disgrace to anime. To me however, it is the best anime and the funniest show of all time. Each episode is only 5 minutes long (this includes the ending theme song and credits) and I was so addicted to it that I would watch 10 episodes a day, maybe even more. I watched it in Japanese with English subtitles, because dubs are for noobs. 

What it's about 

Hetalia is a show where every country is a character. In addition to this, the first two seasons are known as 'axis powers' and are set during WW2, with the three main characters being Italy, Japan, and Germany. Mostly Italy though.... that's why the title of the anime is 'Hetalia' which means 'useless Italy'. So as you can see, this could be taken as an offensive and controversial anime. However, it somehow manages to make a comedy out of the bloodiest war ever. That being said, if you are very patriotic about your country it may offend you. But it isn't meant to be offensive in any way. They make fun of all the countries in the show, allies or axis. They also say positive things about everyone at some point. Also, it's stereotypes not history.... don't watch it for the history, watch it for the comedy.  Most people will tell you to watch the English dub, but remember that the English dub doesn't follow the exact same plot. The American version/English dub is far more racist, less cute, etc. This is why I'd recommend the Japanese version with subtitles. The voice acting is great in both though so you won't miss out if you watch the Japanese version. Also, there is no central plot line. Each episode has a different plot and sometimes they jump into the past or future and don't always stick to the WW2 timeline. 

The Fanbase 
Hetalia has a huge fanbase on Deviantart. Start here: http://hetalia-union.deviantart.com/ 

The Characters
Here is what I think about each character. 

North Italy is shown as a weakling. 

Germany is very manly. 

And I ship them so hard. 

Japan is very quiet compared to Italy and Germany. 

Onto the allies, Murica is very arrogant and I don't like him. He always calls himself a hero but he sucks. 

England's eyebrows are very thick and he is usually high on opium. 

France is hot. My second favorite character. 

China is one of the only female characters..... 
And she has a pet panda. 

Russia is shown as a silent killer in the show. He seems very innocent but is always plotting to kill someone IDK why they showed him like this. 

Canada always has to send aid to the countries that Murica messes up and some countries bother Canada because they mistake him for Murica. However, Canada has a pet polar bear and likes maple syrup. 

Central Europe now.... Austria is so classy and is a great musician. Bulgaria is good too. 

In the picture above we can see (from left to right) France, Prussia, Spain. Spain ruins it, but France and Prussia are so hawt. 


So Hetalia does have some countries in it that do not exist anymore such as the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia. 

You will cry and wish that these countries still existed when you watch the anime. 

Stuff to hate about Hetalia
This is hard for me to say as I absolutely loved it. But there are some flaws with Hetalia. For example, the majority of the characters are blond. This means the majority of the characters are white. This is a problem. The only African country in it was Egypt. I would've loved to see India or Pakistan in it. Oh, and they didn't have Mexico or any South American country. 

However, I've only seen axis powers so far so I guess that's why it wouldn't have been a good idea to include irrelevant countries to the WW2 theme :/ 

Hopefully Mexico will appear in the world series.

The Seasons 

I copied this from the hetalia wiki LOL:

~Season 1~ Axis Powers ( Seasons 1) // Episodes 1-26
~Season 2~ Axis Powers ( Season 2 ) // Episodes 27-52
~Season 3~ World Series ( Seasons 1 ) // Episodes 53-76
~Season 4~ World Series ( Seasons 2 ) // 77-100
~Season 5~ Beautiful World // Episodes 101-120
~Season 6~ World Twinkle // Episodes not confirmed since it hasn't aired
There is also a movie called Paint It White and a webcomic series World Stars
Now go and watch it! The first two seasons are on Youtube. 


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