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Monday, June 1, 2015

My reaction to the 'Sweden under Christianity and Sweden under paganism' meme & Allsherjargoðinn kvaddur

The dank meme above is trying to show how much Sweden benefited from Christianity. The anonymous national socialist who posted this dank meme said he'd choose pagan Sweden over modern Sweden any day. Pagan Sweden'd have "no third world hordes and cultural Marxism around." He is probably referring to how Sweden is becoming more multicultural these days. The immigrants are the 'third world hordes'. By 'cultural Marxism' he is referring to degenerate culture, how European people are influenced by the 'white guilt' media and are therefore less proud of their own culture. This same person protested recently against "white genocide" (try not to laugh when you read that) which he defines as people forcing immigration upon predominantly white countries. "No one tells African countries that they need more multiculturalism," he says.

Aiyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! This person is a headache. 

So, I think that Christianity didn't really help Sweden like this dank meme suggests. In my opinion, it actually delayed scientific advancement. Norse paganism is better. Also, the real thing that has benefited Sweden and all other European countries is colonialism, which has caused predominantly white countries to be richer. The only reason people leave their countries is because they want their children and/or themselves to have better opportunities. Now, I think these people need to blame themselves for their 'immigration problem'. 

By the way, I am currently reading 'Mein Kampf' because the dank national socialist who posted the dank meme above told me to. It is very cringe-worthy.... but I do kinda like nationalism. To explain why.... here's a quote. The same guy who posted the meme said this in his 'stop white genocide' video: 

" It is not wrong to love your race and heritage. It is not wrong to be proud of who you are. It is not wrong to want to stick with your own people. In fact, it is the right thing to do. It is natural and it is healthy. Those who are against you sticking with your own racial group, your own heritage, are the ones who are truly racist. Stop white genocide! Diversity is a code word for white genocide!"

You can see that the only reason why I said that I "do kinda like nationalism" was because I like the idea of people having pride in their culture. That of course doesn't mean I have to be a nazi. 

So many things to agree with yet so many things to hate about them, do you know what I mean? I'll post a book review on Mein Kampf once I'm done reading it.... the most controversial thing I've read since 'the Satanic Bible'. 

Sorry for ruining your day with my reaction to a meme. Here is some Icelandic folk music to cheer you up: 

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