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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Alternate History Hub: What if the Americas Never Existed?

So I found a Youtube channel recently called Alternate History Hub and I'm obsessed with their videos, especially this one. Give it a watch, fam! The topic of this one is "what if the Americas Never Existed?" (then ¿what would I do with my life? I wouldn't have anyone to obsess over. I wouldn't even be able to eat chocolate.)

Another great video by the same person who made this one is called "What if Africa was Never colonized?" and that video is very interesting too so I suggest you watch it too by clicking this link.

Even though the Americas and their history are my life (true story), I agree that there would be a positive and negative effect of them not existing. 

While brainstorming this list I realized that the negatives and positives of the Americas not existing are similar to the negatives and positives of Europe never colonizing the world (because it wouldn't be possible for them to colonize the world without first starting with the Americas.)

Negative effects: 

  • We'd be less technologically advanced if an entire culture which made so much scientific progress was taken away. The ideas of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas were taken by Europeans and spread to other continents. If this never had never happened, inventions like computers, phones, etc. would appear much later as these were created by Europeans using things they had learned from other cultures. 
  • Certain crops such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, tomatoes, coffee, chocolate, pumpkins would not exist. Now this is important because POTATOES WERE VERY IMPORTANT TO EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WHO COULD NOT FEED THEMSELVES ;_; also corn is probably one of the most important crops in the world, not just because it is the staple diet of many people but because its in everything. Many every day products such as gypsum dry wall, toothpaste, paint, diapers, dog food, makeup, and hand soap are made with corn. Weird processed ingredients that you find in unhealthy processed scary diabetes-causing food also contains corn sweeteners, corn preservatives, and other strange substances. You can thank indigenous Mexicans for genetically modifying a type of grass to create corn. 
  • It would take a much longer time for Europe to get out of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages were a time after the fall of the Roman empire. During the Medieval times/dark ages, Europe had almost no technological advancements because of, you guessed it, isolation. The Renaissance would've happened much later for Europe if this alternate-history video were reality, so Europe would be behind the rest of the world. But so would Australia and Sub-Saharan Africa because they relied on European discoveries to help them advance. Some continents however (not Europe) can do just fine while being isolated such as the Americas, Asia, and North Africa. The Americas would obviously be much better off with no biological warfare spread by Europeans! But would Europe be better off without the Americas? Absolutely not! Where would they get the gold and silver to trade for slaves from Africa and silk from China in order to become rich? and most importantly, where would they get super important crops like corn?
  • No chocolate. That would be awful.
  • No one to stalk.
  • NO CURE FOR SCURVY D: (but at least Jacques Cartier could die from it then.) 
  • "less filthy heathens to convert to Christianity." ~ a Jesuit missionary
  • People will hate me for saying this but sub-Saharan Africa would not benefit at all if the Americas didn't exist, because Africans relied on Europeans for many things (and the Europeans relied on the Americas for many things.)
  • As for Australia, it depends on how you approach the situation. On the bright side, at least 99% of the indigenous population wouldn't be wiped out. On the negative side, no computers until a much later date.
  • Perhaps the economies of some Asian countries would suffer, because less trade partners (Europeans would be too dirt poor to trade with them.)
  • There would be a higher need for slave labor, so slavery would not go away. 
Positive effects:
  • No European colonialism! yaaay!!!! 
  • A greater understanding would probably arise between different cultures. 
  • Asia would become the most technologically advanced continent. 
  • 99% of Australia's indigenous population wouldn't get wiped out.
  • Slavery would still exist, perhaps even in a higher scale, but it'd be internal. I mean that a race wouldn't exclusively own slaves of another race. Slave masters would have slaves the same race as them.
Well that was the most controversial thing I ever wrote. What do you think?

I bet this post made people of all races hate me. 

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