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~ Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

€uropa MEP

OKAy can I just say that this is the BesT Hetalia video that I have EVEr SeeN?! The art is majestic...The effects and transitions are so on point and epic.The song is a bit controversial though but I love the lyrics. I just hope the singer isn't as anti-Islamic as it seems. The ending was like "Leningrad, Berlin wall, *insert several other events in European history*...... Drop the bomb end this war" I just didn't like that because it was making it sound like violence is a bad thing but then the end lyrics kind of encourage you to use violence. I didn't really like the "Omg ENd the New Caliphate WHOEVEr WiNs WiLL rule for the next 1000 yearS" feels. If it really had to mention religion it should've talked about Norse paganism or something. Goddamn Europeans can't even get along among themselves. Always fighting with each other.More AMVs are needed like this for other/better continents. 

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