Random post about axolotls + the possibility of starting a youtube channel soon?

This is really random and deviates away from the history theme of this blog, but then again, everything that I've posted recently does. In fact, Aspen's guestposts were more relevant than mine (the first crusade version was my favourite. Deus Vult! Ave Maria! No Nobis Domine!)  Sorry to everyone who followed because they were expecting legit serious posts about history and Mexica things! 

Cute creatures that I want as pets! 

Alright, so I'm going to start off with something that DOES vaguely have to do with Mexica things. Here is a gif of an axolotl. 


The axolotl is also known by name "Mexican walking fish" and is SupER CutE. It is an amphibian that is closely related to the salamander. Sadly, this creature is in danger of going extinct. There are more axolotls today in captivity than in the wild. A survey done in 2008 had found 100 axolotls per square kilometer in the Lake Xochimilco habitat. BUT NOW THEY'RE ALL DEAD.  

Want to know something c00L about Lake Xochimilco? The place is a UNESCO world heritage site because it was once a very important agricultural center of the Mexica/Aztecs! 
>the feels when you've always wanted to go to Mexico 


Aspen has managed to make me obsessed with sneks too, so I also really want a pet snake. Snakes are sooooo cooool because they were such important creatures in so many mythologies! One of my Danish internet friends who I met on DeviantArt 5 years ago drew a really really epic drawing once that had both Quetzalcoatl and Jormungandr in it! At that time, I wasn't really obsessed with Norse mythology, or I would have appreciated it a lot more... but I did think the Quetz was epic! 

Wait I managed to find a blurry af version of the drawing: 
It was one of her most popular works. I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing it. She deleted her DA account though so I can't even give her proper credit :( . 

It's sooooOOO beauTiFuL omg 

I also think that sneks are really affection8 pets and majestic af. 

Currently, I have 2 cats. But one of my German internet friends had lots of cats and snakes and kept them all together and they got along fine so maybe I'll be okay. I'll probably get a really small breed and nothing too exotic, perhaps a garter snake. 

All Aspen has are a bunch of sea monkeys and she's obsessed with foxes but she probably can't keep them. They make terrible pets and it's not good to keep wild animals in captivity anyway. I feel her though because I used to really want a pet bat but bats get really terrified in captivity and rarely survive more than a year, so I guess I'll stick to cats and tiny sneks! Perhaps I will get some sea monkeys like Aspen! 

This is a list of animals that should not be kept as pets. Some types of sneks, as well as fockses and bats have made the list! Beware! 


By the way, should I start a YOUTUBE CHANNEL? 

I do currently have a youtube channel. But it's a really stupid one I use to upload things for school projects or Agar.io gaming sessions... or 7 second pieces of trash like this that don't deserve to exist: 

I made that to annoy Dral while we were doing a project on Slavic mythology! 

But I want to make a NEW youtube channel that will actually have legit educational videos to go up there with the greats like Crash Course or Extra Credits. 

I don't have an animation studio or the video editing skillz though. I mean, I couldn't even run a successful webcomic :( but maybe I could get squad people like Dral or Bren or Aspen or Vickyish to help me out. 

My webcomic on Serbian nationalism was supposed to change the world! Instead it did absolutely NOTHING but annoy Aspen a lot! 

Oh welp. 

My new years resolution was to be less annoying to my internet friends and to focus more on my writing, but hey, if I have time, I'm definitely going to start a youtube channel. It doesn't have to be fancy. I could start small. 

Also, I think it's time for this blog to get a new layout and colour scheme or something like that, so I'll be trying things out. In the mean time, have fun! 

That's all folks!


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