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Monday, January 2, 2017

Read my stupid fanfiction and help me come up with a title for it please

Now, during the month of November, you may recall that I was very busy. This was because I was writing a novel for NaNoWriMo, which I won! Again! However, there are just a few problems:

  1. The story SUCKS 
  2. None of my friends want to read the whole thing except for this one guy in my history class who actually read it somehow without cringing to death. He said it was terrible but that it was still better than anything he could write. Wow... and he's a professional fanfiction writer who actually follows all the givens of the world on which he is writing the fanfiction for. 
  3. No one can agree on the genre (Aspen hates it when I call it a fanfiction, but then what else can it be?) some people think it is a speculative fiction or even an alternate history. I think it would be an adventure or dystopian. No one is sure! 
  4. The cast of characters is too large and no one can agree on who the main character is (this is how you can tell it sUCkS) 
Now, will you children be so kind as to take a few hours out of your life and give me some constructive feedback? You can use the link in the banner above, or you can click here to read it. Feel free to leave comments on the manuscript! 

Read on for spoilers on the deus ex machina ending...

Now, I don't really have a title for this, which is a problem. If you read it, I don't care if you stop after the first 3 pages, you HAVE to help me come up with a title. It just really bothers me that it's this 125 page document just sitting there called "untitled", k? In fact, I'll give you a summary of the entire story in about 5 sentences and then perhaps you can come up with a title with that alone:

➤The 5-sentence summary: 

Once upon a time there was a super evil person who was suspiciously similar to Donald Trump who ruled over a country that was suspiciously similar to the U.S but also kinda similar to Nazi Germany in some ways idk probably because there were gas chambers and shit. Just like Trump, the super evil person didn't really like Mexicans, so he was mean to them in a way that was suspiciously similar to the internment of Japanese people during WWII but also kinda similar to the Holocaust but it didn't work because everyone rebelled and then the super evil person died. The end involved nuclear weapons too. Lol rip i guess. Ye. Here is the fifth sentence.

 Possible titles I came up with: 
  • oh wait I didn't come up with anything because I suck 
The ending is extremely deus ex machina.

That's all, folks! 

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