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Saturday, September 2, 2017

This is exactly what an ancient Peruvian queen looked like

The Moche civilization of Peru (100-700 AD) was long thought by historians to be a patriarchal society. This belief was shattered in 2005, when a female mummy known as "the Lady of Cao" was found among buried gold treasures. In July2017, archaeologists have been able to reconstruct what this powerful ruler looked like. 3D imaging technology and forensics archaeology, along with a study of the skull which took 10 months, have now yielded this epic result. 

My favourite thing about this awesomeness is that most indigenous people today still look like this. People are always talking about them being mixed with Europeans, trying to get indigenous people to not associate with the glorious civilizations their ancestors created, but the truth is they're still the same people. They can see themselves in this 1700 year old face. Colonizers settling here hasn't made a huge impact on their genetics. After all, Europeans have only been here for around 500 years and they've been here for at least 12,000. 

You can read more about this epic archaeological discovery here: 

By the way, check out this super cute Hetalia-inspired drawing of Incas <3 :="" font="" nbsp="">

If you have a DeviantArt account, pleade +watch OldSting, the artist, for more! 

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