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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stuff about Catnip other than the fact that it attracts cats

Stuff about Catnip other than the fact that it attracts cats. It actually attracts only 50% of cats!!!!!!
Usually its the smell that attracts them and usually it repels cats under 7 months of age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on to the stuff thats actually cool...

  1. Its known to be a cockroach repellent!
  2. Ever wonder why bug repellent often fails to work? Its because it doesn't contain but repellent!!!! OMG! Its true that catnip kills pesky mosquitos better than most bug repellent!
  3. Catnip speeds up the healing of paper cuts and other tiny but painful annoying cuts.
  4. Repels mice. Probably because it contains the same kind of chemicals as male cat pee. Thats why if your cat is a male and uses the litterbox, there would probably fewer mice in ur house that are alive :-) This is also the reason why female cats are sometimes more attracted to catnip than male cats.
  5. Because catnip is part of the mint family, it goes good in tea.
  6. Catnip goes good in lemonade!
  7. Catnip helps minor digestion problems and stomach aches.
  8. Catnip treats headaches.
  9. Catnip treats scarlet fever.
  10. Catnip treats smallpox.
  11. Catnip treats toothaches.
  12. Catnip makes ur hair shiny if u wash ur hair in crushed catnip 8-D
Types of catnip:

There are many kinds of Catnip. This is a picture of Greek Catnip. Greek Catnip sucks and doesn't attract most cats.
The flowers are actually white with purple spots.
The most common/ best type for cats is called the 'Common catnip' It has white flowers.

Camphor catnip has a camphor scent.

Some other names for Catnip are:
  • Catnep
  • Cat's play
  • Catmint
  • Catrup
  • Field Balm
  • Nep
  • Catswort
  • Herba Cataria
  • Catsplay
  • Catsherb
  • Chi Hsueh Tsao

I think I have some catnip growing in my backyard. If so I shall try to see if Kowlin the Goblin King is attracted to them. (see Frypan's dictionary)

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